2 years of work and innovation

MiNiMAL has been working since 2016 on the manufacture of e-liquids with nicotine salts and has developed state-of-the-art expertise. We have carried out extensive tests and analyses on the vaporization of nicotine salts, to offer the consumer safe, quality products.  

Just like the plant

The nicotine contained in MINIMAL e-liquids is incorporated in the form of salts. This is the form in which nicotine is present in the tobacco plant in its natural state and is different from the nicotine usually used in e-liquids, which is in the basic form. This results in a satisfaction that is much closer to the feeling felt with a puff of a tobacco cigarette.

An effective formula

We manufacture our nicotine salts ourselves according to a proven formula. For the manufacture of salts, we have chosen to use benzoic acid, for its vaporization properties, its neutral taste and its common use in the food industry.

The understanding of pod systems

MiNiMAL is also an expertise in equipment and the ability to design innovative e-cigarettes. Nicotine salts can be vaped on more compact systems but we should never forget the importance of flavour and pleasure. We have created our own pod systems, whether open or pre-filled, but we have also selected the ones that we think are the best for nicotine salts.

E-liquids like the others

The tests carried out show no difference in behaviour with respect to a "standard" e-liquid in terms of emissions. Only very poor vaporization conditions, at high temperature, can degrade the salts into harmful compounds. However, these remain well below the emission rates of a "normal" cigarette. These temperatures are beyond the degradation temperature of vegetable glycerine into acrolein, which "protects" the consumer because acrolein has a very bad taste and makes vaping impossible.


The analyses conducted by an independent laboratory noted a vaporization behaviour comparable with a traditional e-liquid and a salt e-liquid.


Nicotine salts to fight smoking

To innovate in vaping is a necessity. Fighting against smoking depends on the ability of the independent industry to offer ever more effective products to enable smokers to fight their addiction. MiNiMAL was created with this in mind: to offer more effective products to stop smoking. Nicotine salts are a major advance because they provide new answers to certain types of smokers who are not satisfied with "traditional" vape products.

A softer hit

The sensation in the throat (the hit) is not the same with e-liquids as with nicotine salts. While its presence remains detectable, as always depending on the nicotine level, the hit is much softer than with traditional e-liquids. Inhalation is easier, even at high nicotine levels such as 20mg / ml. Please note that the nicotine is present but the feedback on the "satisfaction" felt will be less due to the hit in the throat than the faster effect on the body.

Nicotine salts for different types of profiles

  • Vapo-smoking
    A MiNiMAL e-liquid at 20mg / ml is a perfect addition to the usual equipment and allows the vaper to have an innovative alternative for those moments when the desire to smoke is too strong.
  • Heavy smokers
    The innovation, the simplicity of use, a single nicotine level and a more satisfying vape: the success of smoking cessation increases with a MiNiMAL e-liquid compared with a "traditional" e-liquid.

  • Attachment to small vaping equipment
    Size matters! Thanks to the nicotine salts we can finally propose discrete but efficient equipment.

  • Big vapers
    The salts associated with a small open pod are adapted to this need and the "dual use" appreciated by long-term vapers.
  • Vapers who have sore throats
    By erasing the hit, the nicotine salts of MiNiMAL e-liquids allow the use of high nicotine levels for vapers that could not otherwise withstand them. The impact on the success of smoking cessation is radical.